Satellite systems

The systems offering and designing cables for application in the field of reception of analog and digital TV signals from Satellite. There are three primary types of satellite usage: reception direct by the viewer, reception by local television affiliates, or reception by headends for distribution across terrestrial cable systems.Direct to the viewer reception includes direct broadcast satellite (or DBS) and television receive-only (or TVRO), both used for homes and businesses including hotels, among other properties.

In the satellite systems, series cables RG6,RG59, 17VATCA ,19VATC, SAT501,SAT601 should be meet variety of different local requirements such as environmental, UV Protection...... the special feature of satellite cables is the type of insulation, which the material is High- pressure foaming .it allows the cables to preserve good transmission capability even after severe accelerated ageing procedures . In addition , the shield layer owns high coverage percentage that it give excellent shielding efficiency values, which are indispensable to guarantee the integrity of digital signals. Another, , we are also considerate to the matching F connectors accessories to help you access your DVB and Television.

Solutions Products:

RG59 coaxial cable
RG6 coaxial cable
France series 17VATCA,19VATCA
Italy series SAT501,SAT602
Britsh series CT100,CT165
Japanese 5C-2V,3C-2V
F connector
Splitter and Taps

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